In crypto finance, a notable sector that is gradually gaining traction is lending and borrowing. In fact, at this rate, it has the potential to completely revamp and shape how underlying assets are valued and priced within the markets. While crypto lending is still in a stage of infancy, its noticeable growth has breathed life into a new metric of measurement; that being interest rates. This could bring new investors in while at the same time encouraging pushing crypto capital out of storage and into markets.


The value of interest rates


Interest rates in traditional financial markets disclose significant information regarding the economy’s health and create the basis for almost all models of asset valuation. Whether it be for calculating the expected return or the current and future market value, the interest rate is a crucial variable based on asset borrowing and lending.


Whenever an individual or business wants to take out a loan, they will ordinarily have to agree to pay a percentage of the initial amount borrowed back to the lender. On top of that, they have to pay the principal amount. This is the ‘interest rate’.


Cryptocurrency interest rates motivate users to loan out their crypto assets. This is primarily because users can generate a comparatively higher return by lending their assets than they could by storing them in a wallet or device. Rates for lending crypto, along with strong borrowing demand, would effectively free formerly unproductive capital balances for trading, investing, and triggering new activity in the market.


Potential growth


Crypto loans have risen substantially since last year. This is primarily because of investors actively seeking out returns during a time when central banks around the world have cut down interest rates in order to prop up economies that the pandemic has taken a toll on.


DeFi (Decentralized Finance) sites operate on open-source code with algorithms that establish rates in real-time and draw from supply and demand. Supporters are of the opinion that these sites represent the future of financial services. Furthermore, they provide a cheaper, accessible, and more efficient way for individuals and companies alike to offer credit.


With an increase in competition, consumer demand, and innovations in technology, fluctuating interest rates on crypto loans could potentially converge. As a basic valuation metric in conventional financial markets, interest rates across the industry would be revolutionary for the crypto space.


Interest rates provide an extensive audience consisting of investors who are inexperienced with cryptocurrency with an informative and straightforward metric for evaluating the digital asset class. Moreover, interest rates could also advocate for the transport of idle capital from personal storage to the generating of more market activity.