“Bitcoin Holders Can Now Secure Loans”


As of April 18th, those who own any bitcoin can obtain a loan if they need one. As a bonus, they can do so without any of the hassles one may run into when asking a bank for a loan. Some ‘crypto banks’ have even started offering lines of credit to those with digital currencies in their investment portfolios.


People who own cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple are able to pledge their holdings with crypto banks to acquire loans that are roughly 50-60% of the asset value. These loans are accompanied by no specific tenure and repaying them can happen at any time.


The interest rates


You can effortlessly secure crypto loans at a 12-15% interest rate on an annual basis. For comparison’s sake, banks offer personal loans at an interest rate of approximately 12-24% per annum, as well as a 2-3% processing fee. Moreover, to reiterate, you can repay crypto loans anytime because they do not have a specific tenure.


Where can you get these loans?


You can obtain a crypto/Bitcoin backed loan at Helio Lending, https://heliolending.com


Crypto lending market growth


The possible demand for cryptocurrency and banking services working with cryptocurrency is a lot higher than the current. PointPay states that the interest Internet users have shown in purchasing cryptocurrency (like bitcoin and ether) is even higher in certain cases now than it was in 2017.


Nowadays, the lending market in which bitcoin serves as collateral has a value of up to $25 billion. Bitcoin is seen as an opportune subject of collateral due to it being easy to confirm that it is owned. Moreover, there is no requirement for additional assessments of such collateral, as is the case with real estate or other types of property.