The alleged hacker of FTX has moved to new addresses almost all of the 200,000 eth holdings, leaving just 5,000 eth on the original address.

The funds were moved through 12 withdrawals of precisely 15,000 eth to newly created addresses.

All the moved eth are still at the new addresses as of writing, raising speculation that either they have sold Over the Counter (OTC) or the alleged hacker is preparing to obfuscate the funds.

Previously earlier today he/she made a singe 15,000 withdrawal, which was then converted to renBTC, with just 0.9 eth left at that withdrawal address.

Ethereum’s price somewhat reacted on the move, with the ratio falling below 0.07 BTC per eth.

It was at 0.075 bitcoin prior to this ‘hacker’ showing up while eth’s price kept $1,200. Now it’s at $1,110.

The price pressure from the ‘hacker’ himself, whom some alleged is actually the Bahamas regulator that has confiscated FTX’s asset, is probably a lot smaller than from speculation.

The ‘hacker’ converted a lot of assets into eth, and the price didn’t rise. Now that he may be selling some, price seems to react as traders watch the address like a hawk in this new episode of bears just doing bear things during the bear market.