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If you are a Real Estate professional dealing with high end clients you have come to the right place. Join thousands of other like minded professionals that have entered into or are just getting involved in learning to break from traditional legacy finance and into the next generation of finance backed by cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Helio Lending + Propy Inc.

Propy Inc. a leading real estate innovator in the automation of transactions using blockchain technology that just made history selling the world’s first Real Estate NFT with ownership transfer and Helio Lending  announced the companies are partnering to enable real estate NFT’s to be used as collateral for loans, similar to a cryptocurrency backed loan. This new type of financing allows NFT property owners to leverage their assets as they would if it were physical property with a traditional bank or financial institution.

Helio Lending

As a CeFi aggregator, Helio provides our customers with the widest array of cryptocurrency backed loan options available on the market with the most competitive rates on a global basis, from a variety of loan vendors. We find out exact loan requirements, across various currencies, interest rates and loan terms, and shop around to find the best fit. We have over 6 lenders to choose from and will find the right solution.

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How a crypto loan works

An example of a $100k loan using BTC

How a crypto loan works for a home deposit

An example using a $100k loan against BTC for a home deposit.

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Real Estate NFT lending

An example of a $100k Real Estate NFT loan

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Helio + Propy Real Estate Solutions

If you are a real estate professional or real estate investor, the landscape as it comes to competition is fierce. Differentiating yourself from others plays a key role in increasing your sales. More sales equals more income.

Through the Helio referral program, we are partnering with real estate professionals to allow their clients to leverage their crypto assets in order to purchase property! Not only are you opening up your client base to bring in more, but Helio will also pay you a fee for the client referral for doing more than a few fact-finding questions to gauge interest and making the introduction to Helio. That means you make MORE per sale!

Ask us today how we can partner with you to help you stand out and attract more clients!

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Referral Program Benefits

Benefits Helio Lending
Unlock your clients' crypto assets to fund real estate purchases
Utilize cryptocurrency loans to purchase hard assets, such as real estate
Allow clients to sell property and accept crypto as payment
Act as a registered affiliate
Offer discounts, info webinars, marketing via website, newsletters and other promotions
Earn income via our referral program
Enable clients to avoid taxable events*
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